It won’t quite be here in time for Halloween, unfortunately, but if you’ve been waiting for streaming to watch Jordan Peele’s outstanding new horror movie Nope, it’s almost here. The film is coming exclusively to Peacock next month.

Nope is Peele’s unique twist on an alien invasion movie, and stars Daniel Kaluuya, Keke Palmer, Brandon Perea, and Steven Yeun. Like Peele’s Get Out and Us before it, Nope is one of the best movies of the year. In my review I said...

The thing that comes through loudest and clearest in Jordan Peele’s work is confidence. Here is a director with stuff to say and images he wants to put out into the world — along with the talent and eye to bring them to life. There are long stretches of his new movie Nope where you feel like you are in the hands of a virtuoso; one who knows exactly what to show and what not to show, when to cut and when not to cut, and when to shock the audience with a deft plot twist. The guy has the goods and he knows it. Just look at his title. Only someone with supreme confidence in his work would name his movie Nope. If he stumbled, he’d hand every critic the headline of their negative reviews. That won’t be a problem here; once the science-fiction story gets cooking, practically every new scene reveals an image of beauty or nightmarish terror — or both.


Steven Yeun as Jupe in Nope
Monkeypaw Productions, Universal Pictures

If you have already seen Nope, you might be looking to watch it again on streaming in order to dig deeper into the movie’s ambiguities — like the meaning of that one shoe, which stands inexplicably upright during a key scene. (And if you are, we have a whole piece on the shoe you can read here.) It’s the kind of movie that should play really well on home video, because you can revisit it to think more about those unexplained mysteries.

Nope will premiere on Peacock on November 18.

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