Do you agree with Bubbles the Hippo?

Every year around the country. People try to predict the Super Bowl in some weird way. Over at the Fort Worth Zoo, they decided to use their giant hippo named Bubbles. They setup each logo with a bunch of apple slices around them. Whichever logo Bubbles went to, is the winner.

Not sure if Bubbles wasn't hungry or if she didn't notice the apples. It took her 30 minutes to pick a winner, but Bubbles has settled on the Kansas City Chiefs. However, I would not go placing bets on Bubbles' prediction. The Fort Worth Zoo has done something like this the past six years with a lot of different animals.

The animals have all been WRONG. That's right, six year losing streak. So maybe what you should do is place your bets on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. As always, bet responsibly.

Also, it looks like a big majority of the country is going with the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday. From the new survey, it looks like about sixteen states are going with the Buccaneers, while the rest of the country is going with the Chiefs.

Does the golden boy Tom Brady have one more left in him or is it time for a new generation quarterback win two in a row? Either way, it's going to be a good game regardless of who wins. Hopefully my Cowboys get their s*** together in the off season so I can watch them go for six next year.

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