Scary scene coming out of the San Antonio Zoo.

Many Texas schools right now are on spring break and some families are just planning day trips around Texas. For families in San Antonio, a popular destination this week was the San Antonio Zoo. Unfortunately for a small group, this day out to the zoo turned into a nightmare.

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Around noon yesterday, people said they heard the sounds of crackling like fireworks going off. When folks turned around to see what was happening. It was the sound of a massive branch breaking off a nearby tree. The tree landed on seven people in total. Two adults and five children. According to reports, one of those children is in critical condition at a nearby San Antonio hospital.

Nearby onlookers quickly rushed to the scene to help get the branch off of the individuals underneath. Police and EMTs arrived on the scene in minutes after the accident. The San Antonio Zoo released the following statement on the accident.

The tree was hanging over some benches in the zoo and it is believed these individuals were just sitting taking a break when the tree limb collapsed on top of them. I don't think the video above does justice to how massive this tree branch was. WCSC has an aerial shot from the zoo and you can see how big this thing was.

Hopefully the folks involved in this accident recover from their injuries. The San Antonio Zoo is planning on being open today after the accident.

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