This driver had the need for speed and a peel out was entirely necessary. 

This is a wedding blooper that will probably last awhile online, but thankfully everyone is all right. Hana Haka Noland and Tyler Noland just wrapped up their wedding in Grand Prarie. This is supposed to be one of the happiest days of their life. This was going to be the car ride to a night of fun at the reception. Unfortunately for the happy couple they landed right on their heads.

They were sitting on the top of the back seat of the convertible. I am blaming the husband and the driver. Listen carefully at the beginning of the video. Sounds like Tyler tells the driver, 'you f***ing punch it.' The driver is like, 'ok I'll punch it.' This is your wedding, you're paying me.

Then the impatient wife says, "legoo Dave." Dave is now like, OK fine I'll go and floors it. The lovely couple lands on their heads and the rest is internet history. Sounds like the couple was asking for it if you asked me.

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