Are you a gambler? Would you leave your tattoo up to fate? This place is letting you do just that. 

Remember being a kid, going to the store and begging mom for a quarter? You would go put it in those gumball machines and pull out some crappy toy that would break in ten seconds. Maybe it was those stick slap hands or a sticker. It was all junk in those machines though.

Elm Street Tattoo in Dallas has one of those machines and is putting it to good use. Tattoo artists design a tattoo on a piece of paper, fold it up, put it in those plastic balls and place it in the machine. Don't go thinking this is some quarter tattoo. You have to pay $100 to use the machine. If you pick something out you don't like, you have to pay another $20.

The owners say the tattoos have an actual value of between $160 and $250. It's all up to chance what you get though. The artists say no junk is in the machine, like some crappy cartoon character.

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