Remember last week when we deemed 'N Sync member Lance Bass a destroyer of dreams and a crusher of hopes, when he "appeared" to shut down the reunion rumors for the MTV Video Music Awards tonight (Aug. 25)? We did point out that Bass never said "it's not happening." He was coy and noncommittal, but we sorta tried to accept that it wasn't happening, to avoid disappointment. Well, we're glad we clung to hope, as the band joined Twitter yesterday, which feels like a telltale sign the Sync are headed to Reunionville.

Why would 'N Sync need a Twitter account unless something was happening? Bass did mention that during his band's heyday, Twitter didn't exist. And now there is an 'N Sync twitter. You getting four when you add two and two like we are?

The band broke its Twitter cherry, with its debut tweet below. See it in all of its 140- character-or-less glory. It does references a mic check, which could be a references to irehearsing to reunite!

The maiden tweet nabbed nearly 30,000 RTs as of press time. Those are Justin Bieber-sized RT stats for goodness sake, and he pretty much owns Twitter. The band also has 100,000 followers in just 24 hours of being Twitter operational.

We. Are. Psyched. And we think this is a good indication that there will be a reunion tonight. If there is a pop music God, we're on our knees, sending up a few extra prayers.

Tune in tonight. PopCrush will be there with full coverage of the event.