Lance Bass is not just former boy bander or a SiriusXM radio host. He is a crusher and destroyer of dreams. On his satellite radio show 'Dirty Pop,' the singer shot down the rampant rumor that his ex-band 'N Sync would reunite at the VMAs this Sunday, Aug. 25.

At first, we were wondering how we would pick up the shattered pieces and figured we would try to go on. Then we remembered that everyone, including Michelle Williams, said there would be no Destiny's Child reunion at the Super Bowl. And what took place on the stage that fateful Sunday? A Destiny's Child reunion, thank you.

So until those VMAs credits roll on Sunday night, we're taking Bass' words with a grain of salt.

That said, here's what Bass revealed. The reunion rumor grew from speculation after he posted an Instagram photo.

"I have to address the rumors, of course. This morning I woke up to a lot of rumors flying [around] that the 'N Sync reunion is happening after 11 years at the VMAs this Sunday. Well, let me tell you how this all came about. Justin Timberlake is getting the Michael Jackson [Video] Vanguard Award this Sunday at the awards, so of course people are automatically going to think we’re going to be there performing, but this is exactly how it happened and I knew these rumors were going to fly. We all came down here [to Miami] except for J.C. [Chasez]—J.C. stayed in California, he had to work…Joey [Fatone], Chris [Kirkpatrick] and myself went to go see Justin's last show with Jay Z at the [Sun Life] Stadium last Friday, and I even took a picture of it, it’s on my Instagram. Really fun. I think that's what started the rumor. You never know… But it was amazing to see the reaction out there on Twitter and social media of how many people are supporting…it's so nice to see. When we ended things 10 years ago, there was no social media. It's so cute to see how many people are supporting it. 'N Sync was trending."

You know, now that we've dissected and poured over his words, he never does actually deny it out and out, right?

Hey, Lance, why not take advantage of ALL that social media has to offer with, we dunno, a reunion perf at the VMAs?

Ya hear that? It's the sound of PopCrush clinging to hope.

Listen to Lance Bass Discuss 'N Sync Reunion