Ex-'N Syncer Lance Bass set millennial hearts aflutter earlier this week when he hinted at a possible band reunion at the upcoming MTV Video Music Awards.

Then he just as quickly dirty popped all our bubbles Wednesday with an at best vague semi-denial.

Let's be real. This thing is happening Sunday night. But the question is, why?

Obviously it's an opportunity to raise some hype for the second offering from Justin Timberlake's 20/20 Experience. Yes, we're all pretty much done looking in the mirror at our suits and ties. One hundred radio plays an hour will leave people craving something fresh. But surely Justin's got enough left in the track tank this time around not to have to resort to this.

Didn't we just get through the 'N Sync experience like barely 10 years ago?

It's true we're living in a world that reboots its movie franchises once the previous versions hit Blu-Ray. But we shouldn't have to recycle our 90s boy bands the same way. No matter how Tiger-Beaty they once were.

We've already seen the best these guys had to offer, i.e. JT. And despite some of his recent rom/com duds, he gets a pass because...well because he brought sexy back. What have you done lately?

The rest of the group not married to Jessica Biel have gone on to admirable careers all things considering since the band went on hiatus in 2002. They've shed their frosted tips and puppet strings to go on to become reality TV hosts and judges. Lance even almost got blasted into space before his quest to bring choreographed-man-dancing to all worlds ran out of funding.

But there's a reason Justin is accepting the distinguished Michael Jackson Video Vangard award alone Sunday at the VMAs. (P.S. It's so distinguished, it's only been given out a handful of times since 2000. Who says MTV doesn't care about music videos anymore?)

It's because 'N Sync came, they saw and sold enough records to ensure Chris Kirkpatrick never has to wear his hair in white-guy dreadlocks for money again. But eventually people saw JT was the only artist whose musical career would outlast the inevitable maturing of the teeny-boppers who worshipped him.

So do we really need to watch as the rest of Justin's former bandmates attempt to backup vocalize and dance themselves once again into pop culture relevance?

I'll tell you who's not going to be watching as society further validates Timberlakes' decision to dump his former crew to go solo all those years ago. It's gonna be meeeeeeeeeeeee.

Too easy.

Let's leave the reunions to families, real housewives and lonely bachelorettes, shall we?