This woman had been held captive for nineteen years and she finally escaped this madman.

33-year-old Rosalynn Michelle McGinnis was finally able to escape her stepfather, 62-year-old Henri Michele Piette, who allegedly kidnapped her at the age of twelve. For the past nineteen years, McGinnis has been traveling with Piette across the country, including right here in Texas, also Montana and Arizona. During that time, Piette fostered nine children with his stepdaughter.

Rosalynn was raped by her stepfather, but the abuse does not end there. She was also beaten with a baseball bat, stabbed, shot and choked unconscious during nearly two decades with Piette, she said. Piette "married" his stepdaughter in the back of a van after kidnapping her from school.

Rosalynn's mother left Piette after he beat both her and Rosalynn. Rosalynn had been living in a tent with Piette and their nine children most recently in Mexico. Rosalynn escaped last year with eight of her nine children. The ninth child was old enough to escape on their own a week earlier. The two would later reunite after Rosalyn reached the US Embassy.

Piette was arrested last week in Mexico and extradited to Oklahoma, where he was charged with rape, child abuse  and other offenses, The Oklahoman reported.

In an interview with People magazine, Rosalynn said she was speaking publicly because “I want the world to know. I want him to be stopped and I want justice to be served.”

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