A rescue dog up in Oklahoma that a lot of people were keeping an eye on unfortunately has passed away.

Everyone meet Mila, she was a rescue dog at Oliver and Friends Farm Rescue up in Luther, Oklahoma. Looks like over a week ago Mila was brought onto the farm with a genetic condition called bilateral luxated elbows. Basically her paws are sideways or upside down.

Even with this condition, Mila looks like any playful puppy ready to play. They actually shared a video of her scooting around on the floor to show you how she gets around.

Looks like over the past few days, doctors have been doing CT scans and making prosthetics for Mila to determine the best course of action for her future. Looks like yesterday was the big day for the surgery and unfortunately, things did not go as planned.

"Mila went into cardiac arrest under anesthesia and despite 12 attempts at CPR and everything humanly possible to revive her she was unable to be revived," a Facebook post put up yesterday morning said.


I can deal with a lot, but puppies passing away always crushes my soul. Little girl didn't really get to live a full life, but you can tell from the folks running this place. They were doing everything they could to get her a better life.

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This makes me want to go home and give my doggo a big old hug. Hopefully the boss is cool with me leaving early to go make that happen.

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