I have watched this video ten times this morning and this dog officially is Spiderdog.

Keep Scrolling to Check Out the Crazy Wreck

So I happened to see a video today from over 20 years ago of a crash that happened in an ice storm from supposedly right here in Wichita Falls. Nothing in the video signifies Wichita Falls to me, other than the label. Of course I click on it and I see someone stuck in the ice.

attachment-Screenshot 2023-06-08 085244

So we have a car that clearly wrecked on the side of the road, probably due to the ice. We see it every snow or ice storm in our city. Cars, trucks, or SUVS stuck on the side of the road due to the weather. I think I saw five cars stuck on the highway during our last storm and I only live five miles from the station. Well a tow truck is coming to save the day and wouldn't you know it, someone else wrecks.

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Someone begins spinning out on the OTHER side of the highway and comes into oncoming traffic. The tow truck who was coming to rescue the stuck car from a different wreck takes the blow. Now we need a tow truck for the tow truck.


attachment-Screenshot 2023-06-08 085846

As soon as I started this video I knew it was wreck and when the tow truck pulled up with a dog on the back I started screaming, "NOOOOOOOOO!" I don't want to start my day watching a dog die. Somehow this dog walks away from the accident. He sort of hunkers down and prepares for the blow.

See Doggo Safe

attachment-Screenshot 2023-06-08 090116

Thankfully we see the dog run away from the accident, probably trying to figure out what the hell just happened. I have no idea how this dog didn't go flying out of the truck, but it may be possible this dog has Spiderman like powers we don't know about.


Check Out The Crazy Wreck Below

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