A pack of seven dogs attacked a Texoma woman this past Thursday and the owner of the animals had them put down.

Last Thursday, Ardmore police were called to Banyon Road just outside Ardmore, Oklahoma for a dog attack. The attack is still under investigation, but it looks like 52-year-old Tracie Garcia was killed from an attack of seven dogs. It looks like the dogs belonged to Garcia's neighbor, but vets said the animals have clearly been living outside for quite some time.

The animals were severely infected with fleas and ticks. Upon arrival to the scene, police had to shoot one of the dogs because they began to attack. The owner of the animals elected to put down the remaining dogs by euthanasia. We have conflicting reports as to exactly what kind of dogs these were, but KXII is reporting a dachshund/terrier mix. Six of the dogs are believed to be standard dachshund and terrier mix, one is believed to be a dachshund border collie mix.

These were small dogs, weighing less than forty pounds and not higher than someone's knee. Three of them were female, remaining four were male. The dogs ranged from one-year-old to a max of three-years-old. Besides the fleas and ticks, the dogs had no visible health concerns.

The vet's office who performed the euthanasia said the Sherriff's Office would not be performing rabies tests since the dogs are already deceased. To perform that test on all of those dogs would cost thousands of dollars. The case has been turned over to the district attorney's office for further review.

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