From sweeping epics set in exotic locations to independent dramas with shoestring budgets, no two film sets are alike. And as much as a production team can try to smooth out the details ahead of time, it’s also important to expect the unexpected. Certain events, like extreme weather, can derail a film shoot off its course. Other times, there’s a director with a vision so ambitious that it jeopardizes the well-being of his or her crew. Freak accidents also happen, often culminating in disastrous results. Luckily, today’s movie sets have tightened safety regulations, partially thanks to the films below. Making a movie requires a good dose of bravery, and the cast and crew members behind these films prove that. If suffering is truly necessary to create memorable art, these films pass the benchmark… and then some. Here are the 10 most out of control sets in movie history.

The 10 Most Out Of Control Movie Sets In History

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