Would you get an entire pecan pie from a vending machine? I say why not.

What is This Strange Place in Cedar Creek, Texas?

Not too far of a drive from Austin, Texas you will find the Berdoll Pecan Candy and Gift Company. You will be able to locate the business just off Highway 71 with their GIANT squirrel statue out front they call Ms. Pearl.

Now Ms. Pearl is considered one of the weirder things you can spot on the side of the road here in Texas. I actually think they have something much weirder on the property than a 14 foot squirrel statue.

The Now Infamous Pecan Pie Vending Machine

Just like your typical vending machine you see for chips and snacks. This one serves all the different pecan products that they offer. I have seen a cupcake vending machine before, but I have never seen a vending machine that serves whole pies 24/7. According to the website, the family says the whole pecan pies are without a doubt the number one seller in the machine. During November and December, they even go to restock it at midnight because the demand is so high.

How Much Does It Cost?

According to their site, it's $29.99 for a pecan pie. I did call and ask if it's the same price in the store (which it is). Beware though, if you want to get the pie from the vending machine it is an extra three bucks. So if the store is open, I would just go inside and grab one. However at 3AM, the vending machine is your only option.

If you know of any other weird Texas stops across our great state, let me know.

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