Did you get a hoverboard for Christmas? LOTS of people did, but apparently they did not come with free training classes.

We're not sure what did better business this holiday season -- hoverboard sellers or emergency rooms. Over the last few days, more people have wound up with bruises, concussions and really sore butts than after your typical NFL season.

And it's not just clumsy kids who don't know any better. One congressman from Florida took quite a nasty spill, though we don't know if that'll make him more popular or less. It's Florida. That state's just weird.

And we feel like we need to point something out, even though it's already been done so ad nauseam on this here interwebs: these things are NOT hoverboards. They may be called hoverboards, but that doesn't make it so. Simple question: do they hover?


Therefore, they should be called something else. Perhaps "Broken Arm Machine" or "Board of Imminent Pain" or "You Will Definitely Fall Off This Thing, So Don't Ride It." We're not marketing geniuses or anything, but any of those would surely be far more honest.

And just in case falling off wasn't dangerous enough, let's not forget that hoverboards also have a tendency to explode:

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