A picture is worth 1,000 words, or in this case, 1,000 laughs. We all try so hard to get that perfect picture, but sometimes the stars align when you least expect it and you capture a moment in time like none other.

We rounded up 16 amazing perfectly timed pictures that will no doubt amuse you - or at the very least make you tilt your head and say 'Wha...?'

Check out 16 perfectly timed pictures:

This is Joshua, but his friends call him Jesús.

Whole Foods is no place to be clowning around.

Just picking up women in the park.

"C'mon! the ball was out. Waaaaaay out!"

NASA? Pff!

Screw it. I'll just run.

The tables have turned - Jet skis now ride people

Better than being a horses ass I guess

Here, we'll say it with you: AWWWWW!

Her fancy foot-work will surely bring home the gold.

This is why you listen to what you're told and DON'T feed the monkeys at the zoo.

Looks like she could use a hand.

Little Suzy is in training.

Looks like a BIG cover up

 Stop laughing. You are a horrible person.

Chances are the real thing ain't much different.

Volleyball in Toontown

(Outdated 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit' reference. Nailed it!)