You know times are tough when we have burrito banditos running rampant around town.

26-year-old Brandon Shane Eustice of Wichita Falls was in jail Tuesday (10/16) after assaulting his father and stealing his $2.07 burrito in the alley behind Sevi's Burritos on 9th Street.

Brandon Shane Eustice (Wichita County)

The now burrito-less victim told officers that as he walked through the alley his son came from behind and began hitting him knocking him to the ground causing him to drop the sack containing his burrito. Eustice then grabbed the burrito and fled the scene of this heinous crime.

After running away with the loot, Eustice may have been able to get away with his masterful Mexican food misdeed, but this story is not in our stupid criminals category for nothing. While an officer was talking to a witness, Eustice strolled back onto the scene - likely to steal a sopapilla for dessert - and the witness identified him as the burrito burglar.

Eustice was arrested without incident and his bond was set at $50,000.

It's unclear whether or not the victim was ever reunited with his beloved burrito. One can only hope.