There's one thing that you can always count on when it comes to the local people of Wichita Falls, sticking together for a good cause.

There has been a petition being shared around Facebook to enforce major changes at  Humane Society of Wichita County and it caught my eye. According to the petition, the Humane Society of Wichita County has had numerous documented complaints about the "unethical and illegal violations made at the HSWC".  The petition states that there have been formal complaints, in writing, to the Board of Directors and still nothing positive has been done. Animal lovers in this town and surrounding areas are fed up and are bound and determined to make positive changes happen. These are just some of the violations and complaints that are listed in the petition:

  • "Lying to the public about animals being adopted when they were in fact euthanized, given away without an adoption contract, or lost."
  • "Lying to police officers about a Forever Friday featured dog Shadow being adopted when she was in fact lost or stolen."
  • "Tampering of documents & deleting/disposing of official adoption papers & individual foster records."
  • "Donations being misappropriated. Toys, bedding and blankets being thrown out, donated dog food taken by employees for personal use, crates donated being sold by employees, and cash donations being stolen."

The statement on the petition states that the Wichita County Human Society isn't upholding their mission statement and that the Board of Directors have been supporting the Director, Cheryl Miller, regardless of the complaints and refuse to listen to credible witness testimonies.

If you would like to view or sign the petition you may do so HERE.

Disclaimer: I have no personal interaction with the local humane society but I do hope that if, in fact, these allegations are true then the proper people will be notified and things will be made right to protect and lovingly house the animals that are in their care.

UPDATE: The call I made to get a statement from the Director of the Humane Society has not yet been returned.