American Idol‘ Season 11 winner (and resident cutie) Phillip Phillips has released the contemplative video for his debut single, the No. 1-on-iTunes track ‘Home,’ which was also his coronation song.

The video’s setting is rootsy, roadside Americana, featuring footage of Phillips and his trusty sidekick: his guitar. The camera follows him as he performs for fans, seeing the world and traveling so he can play his pretty songs for the people who voted him the winner of America’s most popular singing competition.

We ride sidecar with the scruffy and adorable Phillips as he soaks in all that America has to offer. He is, after all, the ‘American Idol,’ representing the dream big ideal of the country. He’s filmed in bars, browsing vintage instrument shops, working backstage, hanging out on buses and watching the world go by. He has a few impromptu jam sessions on his tour bus. What better way to kill time on the wide, open road than by doing what he does best — and that’s share his music?

The video has a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it pacing, as we enjoy quick snapshots of Phillips doing his thing. We catch him yawning, writing lyrics, chowing down on eats and more. It’s like he never knows the camera is on him — it’s that organic.

He is about as precious as it gets and his talent is supremely evident in this video.

The song has been played during NBC’s coverage of the women’s gymnastics during the Olympics, increasing its exposure and its downloads. Industry insiders predict it could sell another 200,000 downloads this week due to the Olympics tie-in.