Phillip Phillips‘ debut single ‘Home’ was one of the most successful ‘American Idol‘ coronation songs ever. Now, the 21-year-old ‘Idol’ champ has unveiled a new original rock song called ‘Take Me Away,’ which he debuted this week during an intimate live performance.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Phillips played the song for a small crowd during a radio event for Mix 106.1 in Philadelphia. He posted a link to the video on his Twitter feed with the message, “I know you guys have been wanting an original…here’s one. Hope ya like it.”

Phillips and a second musician created an alternative rock sound with minor keys on acoustic guitars. ‘Take Me Away’ doesn’t boast the joyous melody of ‘Home,’ but its moody sound with hints of grunge fit the lyrics as he sang, “Holding on to what isn’t there trying to find my place / Can anyone see what’s really me behind a smile, behind this face / Broken, struggling, in the dark just to stay onboard / But the only thing saving me is your love / Loving you is saving me.”

Phillips will likely continue to reveal more new music as he tours radio stations across the country and tests out new material for his official debut album.

‘Idol’ fans, which Phillip song do you prefer – the dark, rocking ‘Take Me Away’ or the upbeat, folksy platinum single ‘Home?’

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