Raccoons have invaded the University of Texas in Austin, and they haven’t been too friendly to the students.

Earlier this week, the UT Austin Office of Campus Safety sent out a tweet, warning students and faculty about the increasing raccoon population on campus.  At the time of this writing, three students have been bitten, and have been vaccinated for rabies as a precautionary measure.

The university is urging students not to feed, pet, or even take selfies with the raccoons.  Students have also been warned that the raccoons can transmit rabies and that they may attack if they feel threatened, or have babies nearby.  One specific raccoon is believed to be living right outside the McCombs School of Business.  It is believed that this particular raccoon is the same one that bit the three students.

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It is believed that because these raccoons have been fed by humans, their behavior has become bolder.  KVUE is reporting that some students don’t think that the raccoons are vicious, and have been approaching them.  In fact, a few students have been walking right up to the raccoons, and even feeding them by hand.

The UT Austin Office of Campus Safety stated that anyone who has been scratched or bitten should seek medical assistance immediately.  Any one who has been attacked by one of the raccoons on campus should report any incidents to the university online.

While taking a selfie with a cute raccoon may get a lot of social media likes, it’s best to just keep your distance from the raccoons and leave them alone.

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