Don't hate Barbie because she's beautiful, hate her because she is destroying the Rainforest.

Barbie has been blammed for many things, like influencing eating disorders and self-esteem problems in young girls. Lately Barbie has been getting publicity for something else...Rainforest destruction.

A Campaign is being led by Greenpeace International after finding out that "Barbie’s packaging is being produced by Asia Pulp and Paper, Indonesia's most notorious rainforest destroyer."

Barbie's manufacturer, Mattel, has failed to take steps to remove products used in her packaging that are linked with deforestation.

"In short, Asia Pulp & Paper, a subsidiary of the Sinar Mas Group has been rapidly accelerating Indonesian rainforest destruction, which is hastening dangerous climate change, and pushing wildlife like the Sumatran tiger towards extinction." -Peter Rothberg

By creating this silly video about Barbie, Greenpeace made its point against Mattel.

I like Barbie and I grew up playing with her, but news like this is disturbing! Her packaging is a little excessive... twisty ties are everywhere and it takes almost ten minutes to get her out of the box!