All of your favorite rappers have delivered quotable lyrics throughout their careers, but can you figure out which words artists repeat the most in their rhymes?

There’s a new website called Repeeted that has counted every word a rapper has uttered in their lyrics and gives you the results within seconds. So far, the word cloud generator has analyzed nearly 300 million words from 985,119 songs by 22,119 artists across different genres including rock, pop and country. Rappers from the hip-hop world are featured in their database as well.

Among them is Eminem. Out of the 236 songs analyzed, the cloud results show that the Detroit MC likes to repeat words such as “shit,” “fuck,” “bitch,” “yeah” and “now."

Meanwhile, Playboi Carti’s word usage is pretty basic. Out of the 209 songs analyzed, the 25-year-old rapper’s most repeated words are “yeah,” “ooh,” “bitch," "aye” and "nigga."

But when it comes to Jay-Z’s word cloud results, things are a little interesting. Out of the 165 songs analyzed, Hov’s most used words are “nigga,” “niggas,” “back,” “y’all,” “love” and “life.”

Fellow rapper Lil Uzi Vert’s results out of 189 songs analyzed show that he repeats “yeah,” “aye,” “niggas,” “woah,” “fuck,” “money” and “diamonds” a lot in his songs.

Overall, is a fun website to see an artists' wide-ranging vocabulary. You may be surprised by a rhymers' most repeated words in their song lyrics. Check out several rappers' word clouds below.

Check out the gallery below.

See the Most Repeated Words in Any Rapper’s Lyrics

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