It feels like every year hip-hop skews younger and younger. While it's shocking to see so many high school-aged rappers out there, they are making real waves in the genre, and dictating the future of rap. Now more than ever, there are teenagers racking up millions of streams, signing major-label record deals and picking up fans all across the world. Here, XXL highlights some of the most popular teen rappers to keep an eye on as they continue to make their mark in the game.

Some of these rappers have found high levels of success long before they can legally drink. NLE Choppa, who is now 19 years old, first came on the scene in 2019, off the strength of the ferocious "Shotta Flow" and his appearance on the Shotta Fam posse cut "No Chorus, Pt. 3." From there, he became immensely popular for his lyrical, energy-packed style. He's dropped hit songs like "Walk Em Down" featuring Roddy Ricch and "Shotta Flow 2," plus projects such as Top Shotta and CottonwoodNLE Choppa is easily one of the most well-known teen rappers in hip-hop and he's risen to that point in no time.

Lil Tecca is the same age as NLE Choppa, and also found fame in 2019, although with a different style of music. His fun, melodic style and around-the-way, relatable teen image turned him into a star quickly. Tecca's hit single "Ransom" soared up the Billboard Hot 100, all the way to No. 4 spot in 2019. His debut album, We Love You Tecca, also features the song "Did It Again," which went platinum and got him a plaque to place next to "Ransom," which is now quadruple-platinum. Last year, he dropped We Love You Tecca 2, and now he's on the headlining Tecca Loves You Tour. Lil Tecca's unique style, where he's pretty much growing up out of the SoundCloud ranks in front of everyone, has built him a strong fan base. At this point, he's been a respected and influential figure for other younger acts via his music and production chops.

BabySantana, SSGKobe, Iayze, Yvngxchris and Ken Car$son, among others, are part of the new wave of younger artists dropping quality music with the talent to match.

Take a look below to check out the most popular teen rappers in the game right now.

These Are the Most Popular Teen Rappers in the Game Right Now

BabySantana, SSGKobe, Iayze and more.

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