Setting boundaries can be tricky when living with roommates. For example, one man found himself in an awkward situation with his roommate's girlfriend after she voiced her discomfort with him walking around his home in just his underwear.

The man took to Reddit explaining that he grew up with lots of brothers, so they grew comfortable with walking around the home in just their underwear.

He asked his two roommates if they minded him hanging out in his underwear, and they both said they were OK with it. However, that recently changed when one of their girlfriends made it an issue.

"I was in the kitchen making a fairly elaborate meal that I couldn’t just walk away from, wearing nothing but boxer briefs. My roommate and his girlfriend walked in. I barely know her, and our work schedules used to mean we never saw each other, but now I work from home. She only sleeps here about once or twice a week and it’s very irregular when those days are," the man wrote via Reddit, according to The Mirror.

The girlfriend was apparently offended by him being in his underwear and confronted him the next morning about it.

"At this point I’m once again just in my underwear. She says that she doesn’t appreciate me lounging around in underwear. I told her I didn’t know she’d be there, and she said now that I know she comes around I should be better prepared," he continued, offering up a solution: "I said if she texts me a heads up she’s coming over I’ll dress accordingly, but she said she can’t do that every time and I should just always be dressed in common areas to be prepared. I said that as she doesn’t live there she doesn’t get to decide."

In the comments, users were quick to rally behind the man, reminding him that it's his home.

"Your home, not hers. She wants a say, she pays a full 1/4th of the rent and utilities. 2: You offered a reasonable fix, namely 'let me know and I'll put on pants,'" one person wrote.

"My husband usually just wears boxers around the house. Whenever our best friends have to pop by for whatever reason, they usually text something like, 'OMY - put your pants on.' This system has been working for years!" another commented.

"She can't act like little miss virgin eyes but also sleeps at her boyfriend's house. She has to pick a position. You can't be against nudity and sexuality while also engaging in sexual activities. Grow up. Girlfriend is a hypocrite and OP [original poster] needs to call her out on it," someone else wrote.

"She does not live there, nor is she paying rent. She has no right to discuss how you dress," another weighed in.

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