After a roller coaster of emotions on whether or not a new seafood restaurant would be hitting Wichita Falls, Reef Street opened their doors Friday.

Originally, the location was going to be named The Catch, but no sooner after the sign went up, it came down. I took it upon myself to keep up with the progress. How? By getting a sandwich from the neighboring Jersey Mike’s of course, probably more often than I should, and asking the employees about the progress. Rumors of free margaritas circulated, so naturally, I was there when they opened.

Walking in, I was taken back but impressed. No need for hostesses and finding a seat. Reef Street lets you get down to business immediately by ordering from the counter as soon as you walk in, similar to a fast food restaurant. You fill your own drinks, sauce, etc., but you also get the feel of a full-service restaurant with staff walking around to assist and bring your food to you.

We started with their hush puppies as an appetizer. They came out hot, dark on the outside and a bit rugged with imperfections, the way they should be. Biting into them they start out salty with a crunch but are immediately met with a sweet, moist, and fluffy interior, along with a hint of chive and pieces of corn spread out. A very satisfying carbohydrate orgasm especially when splashed with lemon and dipped in cocktail sauce.

Next came our meals, along with our free margaritas. I ordered the catfish, she ordered popcorn shrimp. They came out just as I’d hoped. In a basket with no care of presentation. The popcorn shrimp was, well popcorn shrimp. Nothing to brag about, but how does one mess up popcorn shrimp? No points lost nor gained there.

The catfish, however, was another story. Instead of filets, it came out as more of nuggets. The fish had dark spots, and the corn meal was coarse, exactly how it is supposed to be. It tasted like an authentic fish fry, not trying to hide the catfish taste under overwhelming spice and lemon, which was refreshing. The fries were doused with what I assume is Tony’s creole seasoning adding a kick to your side. Not soggy, but not overcooked. Just right.

Along with our meals were huge styrofoam cups of sweet tea and Dr Pepper along with a not-so-stout margarita, but a margarita, nevertheless.

So is Reef Street a hit or miss? And more importantly, will it stick around?

The atmosphere was lively, the staff was nice, the service was fast, and the food was great. We got away with two nice sized meals with large drinks and an appetizer for only $30. The oysters and other things surrounding patrons around us ordered looked great, and folks seemed to be enjoying it. If you don’t want to break the bank by going to Red Lobster, and you don’t want the questionable guilt of eating Long John Silvers, give Reef Street a shot.