After an 18-month gap since the conclusion of Rick and Morty's second season, the high-functioning alcoholic scientist and his not-so-wholesome grandson are back for new adventures.

First, the great news: Season 3 kicks off July 30. Now for the good news: We already have a new trailer to study for the next 30 days to uncover all the secrets we can about what this long-awaited season may hold. (Definitely Pickle Rick, that's for sure. And SEAL Team Rick. And Cyber-Summer!)

After returning for a brief stint on Adult Swim on April 1 with a surprise episode, the Rick and Morty radio went dead silent again. Co-creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland were non-committal about when the remainder of Season 3 would air, and if that April Fools' Day episode was establishing a new canon for the series, or just a one-off gag. It certainly wouldn't be past the show to completely ignore the events of "The Rickshank Redemption" and move on in a completely different direction, diverting expectations yet again.

Breaking the narrative tropes of sitcoms is what this show does best, and based on the trailer above, it certainly looks like we'll be diving deeper and deeper into the darkest timelines of the Rick and Morty-verse. That joke itself is a gag on Harmon's previous sitcom, Community, but certainly applies well to Rick and Morty, who have traveled through numerous dimensions and timelines together over the course of the existing 20+ episodes.

In addition to a lot of Pickle Rick footage, the trailer also hints at spoofs on Mad Max: Fury Road, comic book super teams like the Avengers, as well as showing more from the Council of Ricks. Thirty days sure seems like a long time to wait for more of these zany, meta-adventures, but given that we've already been lingering for 18 months, these next few weeks should be a breeze.

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