Yes, the time has come and in two days Kellie will no longer be Kellie Rasberry. This happens to be the last episode before she officially becomes Mrs. Kellie Evans. They have had a whole wedding timeline and yes still have a few things to prepare before Saturday, only minor details though.

Allen says it best, they have pulled back the kimono and opened up the curtains. If you've been following Kellie and Allen and their website kellieandallen.com, you have seen the wedding timeline yourself. Having been engaged since February, Allen also shares all of the details about his proposal and that he knew in 2016 he would be proposing to Kellie this new year. Apparently, New Year's Eve they both made a bucket list and one thing on Allen's was to propose to Kellie. Kellie admits she knew it was coming, just not quite when and actually became a bit impatient just waiting for the day..

This is a sweet and inspiring episode that you really don't want to miss, not only are they sharing all of the details regarding the planning but also how you can stay in touch and take part in their big day.


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