Love Letters: Young Love Edition

Kellie is getting married Saturday, Allen and her are now living under the same roof yet haven't decided on a wedding song to walk down the aisle to. Due to the upcoming nuptials this has been a very special week, the Wedding Week, for Love Letters to Kellie. With family coming in tomorrow and a spray tan in order, Kellie has still made time to give her expert advice to all of her listeners. Today, the special edition is all about one thing, "young love".

Macy, is a high school student and has yet to have ever been asked out on a date or even to a school dance. She has tons of guy friends, but just has never been the girl anyone wants to date, she's feeling really bad about what could be wrong with her. I think we can all understand those insecurities and she's worried she will go to college  never having been in any relationship.

Apparently Kellie can identify with Macy exactly, she even commented that Macy was a total Kellie 2.0. Kellie admitted to her own insecurities back in her high school days and how it hurt to feel like you're the girl all the guys want to hang out with, but never the one they wanted to be with romantically.

Well, Kellie, is marrying the man of her dreams, she is both successful and beautiful and today full of pride. Her advice to Macy, give herself a break and just wait for what could possibly be ahead.

I think Big Al is the expert today though regarding this dilemma.  As only Big Al could say, like Kellie, Macy is the girl you want to marry, wife material, not the girl in a fleeting immature high school relationship.

Need advice? Ask Kellie, the love expert, and submit your letter HERE.

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