Sean Miley Moore—if you don't know the name now, you will soon enough.

On Sunday night's episode of The X Factor, the 24-year-old Australian singer, who recently moved to the U.K. in order to pursue the televised talent show, absolutely blew the four judges—and the audience—away with a powerful, moving, and theatrical rendition of Queen's classic anthem, "The Show Must Go On."

After taking to the stage in a rather flamboyant and fabulous black outfit—sheer mesh top, sleek, shiny patent skirt, chunky heeled boots, and black shag coat—it was clear at first that the judges didn't know what to make of the contestant, Rita Ora playfully joking, "Did you go into my wardrobe?"

Things got serious quickly, however, when Sean finally opened his mouth to sing the "fabulous Freddie" song. With a unique, powerful voice that was all his own, the young diva captivated the audience within seconds of launching into the track. His audition also received a flood of tears from Rita, a perpetual open-mouthed gasp from Cheryl Cole, and a standing ovation from Simon, as well as the entire theater.

Afterwards, while the emotionally flustered contestant gained his composure on stage, the judges proceeded to laud him with praise. Cheryl, who really did seem completely under his spell, said, "'I was literally spellbound for that whole performance. You’re the first person I didn’t want to and I couldn’t take my eyes off of throughout your whole song. You were fearless, sassy... You were just giving us everything. You were amazing!"

Simon seconded the notion, adding, "Sean, can I just first of all say, welcome back to the U.K. I always wanted to find an artist on this show that you can't compare with anybody else, who's got originality, and most importantly—you've gotta remember somebody, and I'm gonna remember this audition for for a very, very long time."

It was RIta, however, who was the most visibly overwhelmed by the audition. After crying through most of the performance, she actually needed to compose herself before finally being able to tell Sean, as her voice kept catching from emotion, "You have got so much passion and so much determination and so much individuality... There's nothing I can say to you apart from I am so happy you came on this show."

Watch below to see for yourself:

The X Factor judges were blown away by flamboyant contestant Sean Miley Moore on Sunday night's episode of the popular talent show.Sean Miley Moore made waves for his eccentric outfit on Sunday night's episode of X Factor but it was his incredible rendition of Queen song, The Show Must Go on which won him praise from the judgesThe 24-year-old singer took to the stage in a rather fetching black patent pencil skirt, which he wore with a sheer long-sleeved top as he performed Queen song The Show Must Go On. The flamboyant contestant added a metal belt which cinched him in at the waist and polished off his look with a pair of gold hoop earrings and a backwards leather baseball cap. Cheryl said: 'I was literally spellbound. You’re the first person I didn’t want to and I couldn’t take my eyes off of, you were amazing!'. Rita Ora was in tears, and was truly mooooved by his performance! He was one of a kind, very DISTINCT and EMPOWERING!!! This audition will surely make you cry with the kind of passion, determination and individuality of Seanne. <3 <3 <3Visit the official site for more video updates | »»»» ««««Please LIKE (thumbs-up) the YouTube video courtesy of X Factor™ (UK):»»»» ««««#HumanPROUD #Unique #PRIDE #ONEofaKIND #Diversity #DiscoBall

Posted by Michael Vaughn Bico on Thursday, September 3, 2015

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