An incident being described by police as road rage ended peacefully today in Wichita Falls, but not before both drivers pointed guns at each other.

The incident began on Kemp St. around 5:30p when 35-year-old Theodore Tripp saw his son, ex-wife, and her new boyfriend in another truck. The new boyfriend began flipping off Tripp, who followed his ex-wife and her boyfriend to their home at the 1200 block of Fillmore St.

According to KAUZ, Tripp approached the new boyfriend and pulled his gun. After a few words were exchanged, Tripp drove off but returned to the home later with his gun again.  The new boyfriend went into the home and returned with his own gun.

The incident was peacefully resolved and Tripp was arrested and charged with assault family violence and aggravated assault. The ex-wife's boyfriend was not arrested as the incident took place on his property and he was defending himself.

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