We can’t believe it’s taken us this long to recognize Ryan Kwanten for being such a hunk, but it was probably just because he’s such a clear sex icons that we thought it wasn’t worth mentioning. Still, when we saw him shirtless for ‘True Blood’s’ season 5 premiere, it was like meeting up with an old friend we haven’t seen in years and we realized we’ve been taking Kwanten’s perfect bod for granted.

His abs might not always be around when we need them. Remember all those months before season 5 got started? We felt like we were trapped in the middle of a desert with no water; except instead of water, we needed more of Kwanten’s bulging biceps and his ‘True Blood’ Southern accent.

So, in honor of his return to HBO, we’ve compiled together our favorite pics. (HINT: There are a lot… and they’re mostly of him shirtless. )