Former "Law & Order: SVU" star Chris Meloni is already looking for his next major televion role, a search that might be taking him to HBO.  Reports are that Meloni is in talks to appear as a major character in the fifth season of HBO's hit drama "True Blood".  Fans of "SVU" may not be used to Meloni talking on an abnormal character and he most likely would in "True Blood", but after hilarious roles in the first two "Harold and Kumar" films where he played a boil-covered tow truck driving swinger and a KKK Grand Wizard with tourette's, Meloni will most likely surprise people with his acting range for strange situations. 

Early rumors are Meloni is in talks to play an "incredible powerful vampire", however there has been casting news lately of "True Blood" producers looking for a "hard-bodied fiftysomething" actor to play a new werewolf in the upcoming season.  No reliable word as to which vampire Meloni would be playing, but many fans of "The Southern Vampire Mysteries" (the book series the show is based on) have eagerly been waiting for the appearance of a vampire named Bubba, who is actually Elvis Presley.  Though I'm still holding out hope for Bruce Campbell to play Elvis again (he played an elderly Elvis in "Bubba Hotep"), I think Meloni would be great for the role.  The fifth season of "True Blood" will premiere on HBO