Sadie Robertson Huff and her husband Christian will become parents of two when a new baby girl joins the family.

The couple recently gathered with family and friends to learn the sex of their second child. They went with a classic baseball-themed reveal, in which Robertson Huff pitched a ball to her husband, which he smashed with a baseball bat, revealing a cloud of colored dust.

In the video, which the couple shared on social media, we see the proud parents-to-be, their daughter Honey, 1, and several guests eagerly waiting for the big reveal.

"Definitely going to be a girl," Christian says, donning all the pink items he held onto from Honey's reveal. "Everyone here is Team Boy, but definitely gonna be a girl."

Turns out, his intuition was correct: As Christian hits the ball, it explodes into a cloud of pink powder, signaling baby Huff is a girl. Watch below:

In sharing the happy moment, Robertson Huff also told fans know just how special it was for her family, writing, "We are so excited" in all caps in the caption.

This is the second child and second daughter for the couple. The former Duck Dynasty star and Christian Huff tied the knot on Nov. 25, 2019 and welcomed their first, Honey James, on May 11, 2021. A due date for their new baby girl has not been shared, but she will arrive sometime in May 2023.

"Another little miracle is in motion," Robertson Huff shared on social media earlier this month when they announced their pregnancy.

Another big development for the Huffs is a new home. They shared in September they had broken ground on their dream home. With another bundle of joy on the way, a little more room couldn't hurt.

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