This case has been in the court system for a few years now, but the highest court in Texas will officially be hearing the case this year.

For years, Alex Jones has said the shooting that took place in 2012 at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut didn't actually take place. He claims that the people that are grieving the loss of their children are just actors. Alex has claimed that this incident was conspired by the government as way to make stricter gun laws in the country.

For years Alex was saying this, but a 2019 deposition, which you watch above. He now believes the Sandy Hook shooting happened. He said his claims otherwise were part of what he called a "psychosis." However, for years, these families have dealt with Alex and his very large following.

One of those people was Neil Heslin whose six-year-old son was murdered on that day. "Fact is, I did hold my son. I did see him with a bullet hole in his head, right through his forehead, above his eyelid, the center of his head. It exited the rear of his head, the wound in the back of his head was the size of a softball. What more is there to tell?" Heslin has said.

For three years, this case has hit a bunch of roadblocks due to a bunch of different circumstances. No official court date has been announced yet, but it looks like these families will finally be seeing some sort of justice later this year for the harassment they have faced due to Alex and his fans.

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