Is this sign made out of vibranium?

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Who doesn't love going on a road trip and seeing that sign welcoming you to a new state? Well, one is lucky to be standing this morning over in Cimmaron County, Oklahoma. The sign that welcomes folks coming in from the Amarillo area of Texas into the state had a big rig truck run into it.

The local sheriff's office said no one was injured in the crash, which is definitely good to hear. However I have several questions. Where is the hood to truck? How did this truck driver get so far off the road? Some of the comments say the curve up the road can be bad and also judging by the photos. Fog could have been a factor this morning in the crash.


Hopefully, this guy didn't fall asleep at the wheel. I'm just surprised that the sign was able to take the force of big rig truck. I thought it would have gone right through like the Hulk tearing through a building. Crazy to think the welcome sign is in better shape than some of those Oklahoma roads I drive on.

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