A Wichita Falls resident and former city employee took to Facebook to share his concerns about a current City of Wichita Falls employee who also happens to be a registered sex offender.

Craig Montaño was parked near the City of Wichita Falls Parks Maintenance facility at 9th and West Wenonah. Montano says that City of Wichita Falls Parks employee, Joseph Benjamin Butler, is a registered sex offender who has worked for the city for a number of years. Butler works in the Parks Department, a job that Montano fears potentially puts Butler too close to children.

Butler's sex offender registration shows a conviction from July of 1985 for two counts of indecency with a child by sexual contact, involving two girls, ages 8 and 10.

Joseph Benjamin Butler

Montaño tells NewsTalk 1290 that “everyone in the City (offices) knows about (Butler’s) past. Montaño says that he has been in contact with Mayor Stephen Santellana with his concerns and had hoped to keep the matter just between himself, Butler and the mayor.

The City of Wichita Falls released the following statement today regarding the matter and the attention that has now been created on social media:

“As an employer, the City cannot comment on the content of an employee's personnel file.  However, after review of the statements made related to Mr. Butler's actions and employment with the city, it has been determined that he has not violated any internal policy, procedure, law, or agreement set forth as a condition of employment.”

Montaño says that Butler has, for several months, been living at the City Parks facility on 9th Street and has actually been seen in the building after hours. Montano stated that he was told Butler was not supposed to be at the facility after 5 pm unless accompanied by another city employee.

Google Maps

A video posted by Montaño (seen above) shows Butler getting into his truck, backing up and moving the right side of Montaño’s truck, then Butler begins shooting video of Montaño. Montaño stated that prior to the start of his video; Butler had pulled up alongside him, got out and questioned why he (Montaño) was there.

Montaño says that while numerous employees of the city have wanted to speak out about Butler, they’ve not done so for fear of losing their jobs.

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