The City of Wichita Falls put in a new sick leave policy for its employees that is different if you're vaccinated. Bill Lockwood has been conducting interviews on the situation developing for city employees over the past few weeks.

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Back at the end of January, the city of Wichita Falls announced this new sick leave policy. American Liberty host Bill Lockwood was quick to get folks into the studio to discuss the new policy that many are saying discriminates those that are un-vaccinated. You can listen to the first interviews here.

This week, Bill had three guest in the studio to discuss the policy. One of them being a City of Wichita Falls employee that went as Jane Doe. She exposes not only the discrimination that the City of Wichita Falls, and City Manager Derrin Leikert, are engaged in, but the potential HIPPA violations that come with these policies.

Bill also had on Derek Ruvalcaba and Carla Schmel to speak about the "De Facto Mandates" that are occurring in Wichita Falls which in reality are purposely skirting the orders coming from Gov. Abbott's office in AustinEach of the guests urge listeners to call the governor's office and demand a special session of Congress to handle these matters.
The Governor's contact info is (512) 463-1782.

You can give a listen to those segments above. You can tune into American Liberty with Bill Lockwood Saturday mornings at 11 on NewsTalk 1290 and 96.3 FM right here in Wichita Falls.

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