I've never really heard the abandoned old mill with still operational Attebury Grain Elevator talked about much by citizens of Wichita Falls. Apparently, the thing has been there so long (since 1939) that it's just accepted as part of the landscape of Texoma. The thing is, though, I think it's hideous looking! And, quite possibly, outside of "Big Blue" downtown, is one of the first things people passing through town on the Central Expressway see.

Does it paint Wichita Falls in a Bad light? I say yes, but I am sure some people will disagree with me since it is practically a historic landmark in town. However, imagine this: you're driving through Wichita Falls from Dallas, and instead of a run down, hulking grain elevator, you see a brightly lit entertainment area, right off downtown complete with shopping, restaurants, and other entertainments. I'm thinking that would be a MUCH better use of valuable, centrally located in-town real estate.

That's just me, though.  What do you think?  Let me know by voting below!

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