It's the little things in life that bring me joy, this guy is one of them.

This photo was shared with me this morning. I will not say where it's from, but I can confirm it was here in Texoma. I don't want any HIPPA violations, also why the other people's faces are covered. Don't sue me folks. As we all know here in Texas on Monday, the state said all adults could now go get vaccinated for Covid-19. I'm sure a lot of folks are jumping at the opportunity.


This morning a man walked into a local clinic wearing a mask, as is required when getting your vaccine. Except he was rocking the mask of the greatest bounty hunter and my personal favorite character in all of 'Star Wars'. Boba Fett. You can clearly tell he is having some fun with it and snapping a selfie while waiting for his turn.

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If you're an adult who is interested in getting the Covid-19 vaccine. You can get more info on the city of Wichita Falls website to find a location near you and get put on the waiting list. Looks like they have a very detailed map of places in our area where the vaccine is available. It also shows you what places have which vaccine. For instance one place could have the Johnson & Johnson vaccine and another could have the Moderna.

If you want to get vaccinated, get signed up now. Remember to mask up when you go. I hope to see Darth Vader and Kylo Ren when I go.

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