Isn’t it great that we have a variety of critically acclaimed television shows at our fingertips? Thanks to streaming services, we’re never too far away from our next must-watch TV series. From Netflix to HBO Max to Prime Video, it feels like great shows are everywhere. But that creates its own problems … like, where do we find the time to watch them all?

When a new series comes out, sometimes all the episodes will be available at once. Other times, they’ll be dropped periodically once a week. For those of us that miss a show’s debut, however, there is the option to watch the show at our leisure. If the show is particularly good, it’s very tough to take a break. In fact, you might just have to watch it all in one sitting. And that is what we call “binge-watching” a series.

Between work or school, chores, and social obligations, finding time to squeeze in a few hours of television can be challenging. So when you find yourself with a day that’s completely free of responsibilities, you may find yourself wanting to dive into a new show. Luckily, with today’s TV miniseries format, it’s possible to get through an entire season of a show in under 6 hours. In some cases, you can even get through two seasons in that amount of time.

The next time you find yourself with nothing but free time and a remote, go ahead and put on one of these amazing TV series. You’ll even be able to finish it before dinner.

12 Amazing TV Shows You Can Binge In One Day

You can watch these great television series from start to finish in a single, awesome day.
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