Slash may have had a bit of wardrobe malfunction this past week in Texas.

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When it comes to viral Guns N' Roses moments throughout the years, this wouldn't even crack the top 100, hell maybe not even a top 1,000 list. However, stuff happens while you're up on stage and it looks like Slash is gaining some fans on Tik Tok.

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September 26, 2023 Guns N' Roses at the Alamodome in San Antonio

Looks like Slash was elevating his guitar during one of the songs that caused his shirt to rise up just a little bit. This lead to the crotch area of his pants being exposed and Slash was wearing what appears to be some sort of button fly style jeans. Instead of a zipper or looks like a string. Be careful while staring at the video below because you appear to get a look at Slash Jr.

Photos From That Night (Keep Scrolling for the Video) looks like Slash may have gone commando that night. I'm sure it gets hot as hell performing those solos every night and sometimes you just have to let the boys breathe down there. All in all, probably not the worst thing seen at a Guns N' Roses show throughout the years. Best of luck to Slash and the rest of the guys in the band as they look to wrap up their tour in the beginning of November. Hopefully Slash Jr. stays put away the rest of the tour.

Watch the Supposed 'Slash Flash' Below

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