We really have our priorities straight in our city right now.

I would say once a week, I am honestly shocked with what is considered important in our city. Not too long ago, we had people receiving letters in their mail about basketball hoops in front of their own homes. Don't you even think about your kids having fun in front of the house, you could get the cops called on you. The city website LITERALLY said to call the cops on people having a basketball hoop in front of their home.

Something like this should be the lowest level of importance in our city for getting things done. Looks like a local Wichita Falls business is dealing with code enforcement this past week. The issue, some signs. That's right, you know those little signs people stick in the grass. Similar to the one you may put in your yard to represent your favorite political candidate, I have also seen landscaping businesses use these around town in people's yards they have mowed.

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However at Alamo Finance, the signs have to go. Code enforcement claims the signs are in the right of way. The owner of Alamo Finance says that ordinance applies to if sidewalk is on the property, which is not here. Code enforcement then went and got the Wichita Falls police department out there over signs. You can watch the video here.

Basically saying that the city would remove the signs if he didn't and that he would have to pay to get them back. Come on Wichita Falls, are these signs that come to knee height really causing such a headache? We can do SO much better with our resources as a city than dealing with crap like this. If you want to check out more of the videos, you can follow Alamo Finance on Facebook.

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