Oh, Texas, the land of scorching heatwaves and questionable energy infrastructure.

As the Lone Star State battles a deadly, record-breaking heatwave, guess who comes to the rescue? That's right, our savior: solar power!

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According to this article, apparently, renewable energy isn't as unreliable as some of the state's lawmakers claim.

Heat Dome

For over two weeks, Texas has been trapped under an oppressive heat dome. According to those all-knowing federal forecasters, there's "no end in sight." So, naturally, people are stuck in their homes with their air conditioners working overtime, causing energy demand to skyrocket. But fear not! Despite the fact that many of the state's aging coal and gas-fired power plants have conveniently decided to take a vacation during these critical times, Texas is miraculously avoiding rolling blackouts.


Harnessing All This Heat

How, you ask? Well, it's all thanks to the power of solar energy. Experts say that the state's supply of solar power, which has apparently doubled since early 2022, has been the deciding factor in keeping the lights on. Who needs those pesky coal and gas plants when we have the sun shining brightly above us? It turns out that on hot, sunny summer days, solar power performs exceptionally well. And with the Texas sun baking everything in sight, it's no wonder that solar panels are churning out electricity like there's no tomorrow.

Solar During the Day, Wind at Night

Of course, there are those naysayers—mainly Texas lawmakers—who insist on blaming renewable energy for the grid's vulnerability. They argue that solar energy is intermittent because, believe it or not, the sun doesn't shine 24/7. But hey, let's not let facts get in the way of a good argument. Besides, solar power peaks during the day and doesn't decline significantly until late afternoon or early evening. So what if solar power can't carry the load during the night? We can always rely on wind power to pick up the slack once the sun bids us farewell. It's like a well-choreographed dance routine between the sun and the wind.

Don't Forget the Batteries

Oh, and let's not forget about battery storage, the unsung hero of the Texas power grid. When coal-fired power plants fail or nuclear plants decide to take an impromptu break, those trusty batteries swoop in to save the day. Texas prides itself on being second only to California in battery capacity.

Cut it Out Already

Despite the undeniable role renewable energy plays in boosting reliability, some Republican lawmakers in Texas just can't resist demonizing it. They conveniently blame wind and solar power for everything from power outages during Winter Storm Uri to the rising price of guacamole. However, independent reports have repeatedly debunked these claims, pointing out that fossil fuel power plants were the real culprits. But who needs logic or data when you have a good ol' political agenda?


In their infinite wisdom, Texas officials have proposed anti-renewable policies and even imposed new costs on wind and solar energy providers. Because clearly, discouraging clean energy is the best way to solve our energy woes. Who needs progress when you can stick to the tried-and-failed methods of the past?

Fossil Fuels, Fossil Plants

Meanwhile, Texas's fossil fuel-powered plants continue to age like fine wine, or perhaps more like a moldy cheese left out in the sun. These plants average 50 years of age for coal and 30 years for gas. They're mechanical, prone to breakdowns, and suffer from years of underinvestment. But don't worry, folks. We're told everything is under control.

Just Going to Keep Getting Hotter

As if Texas didn't have enough on its plate, the climate crisis decides to turn up the heat. Climate change has made this heatwave at least five times more likely, according to data from Climate Central. And brace yourselves, because the number of scorching 100°F days is expected to double by 2036. It's like a never-ending summer vacation, except without the refreshing pool and the fruity drinks with little umbrellas.


So, Texas, while you're basking in the glory of solar power and ignoring the urgent need to invest in a reliable energy infrastructure, just remember: if the air conditioners stop running, you're definitely going to run into problems. But hey, who needs air conditioning when you have a sweat-stained shirt and a fan that's barely pushing around hot air? Enjoy the heat, my fellow Texans! It's going to be a long, sizzling ride.


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