I thought that candy was gross anyway.

Valentine's Day is around the corner and that means a lot of candy will be sold for your sweetheart. One of the more 'popular' options, for some reason, was those candy hearts with phrases on them. It literally tasted like chalk and had stupid phrases like 'U R 2 CUTE' written on them.

The company that makes those went out of business last year and the new company that bought up their brands couldn't get these hearts made in time. So that means no chalky hearts for Valentine's Day. You could find some knockoff brand ones, but they won't be the original made by Necco, which is now the Spangler Candy company. They do expect to return in 2020 in all their terrible awfulness.

Turns out, this is Oklahoma's favorite Valentine candy. Oklahoma, make better life choices, I am disappointed in you for this one. Next up for them would be a heart-shaped box of chocolates and then a chocolate rose. Those last two are respectable.

For Texas, our top three are as follows. Heart Shaped box of chocolates, Hershey Kisses and then those awful conversation hearts. Hey, at least it didn't get number one. If you're anything like me, just wait for February 15 to get the candy. It goes at least half off the next day. Get your Valentine something else and then candy the next day.

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