For once I actually agree with Texas on their choice of flavor.

Easter is that one holiday that we never know what day it is going to fall on every year. This year it will be happening on April 1. One Easter tradition is the basket filled with candy for the kids. Also the Easter egg hunt. Some people use real eggs, others use the plastic ones filled with candy.

One of the most popular candies people stuff into those plastic eggs are jelly beans. The Candy Store has once again given us the most popular candy flavor for every state. I was actually shocked by the results.

Photo Courtesy of The Candy Store
Photo Courtesy of The Candy Store

Texans favorite jelly bean flavor is buttered popcorn. Which is actually the number one flavor in the country. I was surprised because that is my favorite flavor. However, all my friends hate it and are always willing to give those ones to me.

Oklahomans like to be a little more health conscious with their flavor and chose green apple. Which is actually the eighth most popular flavor in the country. The only states that are wrong are the ones that chose licorice. That stuff is so disgusting and should not be considered candy.

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