This is the coolest thing in Wichita Falls and I am now immortalized in this place forever. 

It was the one year anniversary of the Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame arriving in Wichita Falls this past week. It took me way too long to visit this place and I am telling you it is a MUST VISIT for our town. So much memorabilia from my childhood in this place. I teared up at one point in the video.

I saw the wrestling buddies that I had from my childhood. My nWo Macho Man was my personal favorite and they have it at the Hall of Fame. No matter what era of wrestling you're into, they have it right here in Wichita Falls. If anyone comes to visit Wichita Falls, I am taking them here.

I know this is a long video. When you have the time, you need to watch the whole thing. If you want some personal highlights from me... 10:35 mark, sitting on Mick Foley's couch that he wrote his book on. 12:45 mark, seeing Randy 'Macho Man' Savage's official plaque for the Hall of Fame. 17:35 remembering drinking the WWF sports drinks.

23:00 mark, They made a freaking Macho Man cake mold?! 28:20 Wrestling buddies room, where I teared up. I didn't cry. 32:10 making my Macho Man donation to the Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame.

If you ever were a fan of wrestling in your life, you need to go to this place. They're open Tuesday through Thursday from 10-5, Friday and Saturday from 10-6 and Sunday 1-5. Stop by and check out my awesome Macho Man finger I donated.

Huge thank you to Lady 'K' for the awesome tour!

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