When you hit this number, the calendar officially flips to "old."

According to a British survey, 37 is the age when people are too old to go to a nightclub, while 31 is the age where we begin to enjoy staying in more than going out. So, basically there's a six-year gap where we drag our buns out the door, but are totally miserable doing so. In other words, being social is just like our jobs.

Before you toss out your Axe body spray, though, remember this info comes from a British survey by Currys PC World, so it doesn't necessarily speak to Americans. Take it with a grain of salt, or, since we're talking about the other side of the pond, take it with a grain of fish and chips.

Why exactly do people hate going out?

  • 60% say it's too expensive
  • almost 50% claim it's not "their scene"
  • 29% can't deal with a hangover the next day
  • 22% don't like getting dressed up
  • 21% don't want to deal with hailing a taxi
  • 14% blame the weather
  • 12% dislike having to get a babysitter

A total of 37% say nothing is worse than someone over the age of 40 hanging out in a bar populated with revelers in their 20s, while another 30% describe the ideal night as binge-watching a show.

Another 25% admit they enjoy spending the night cruising around on social media, which makes sense when you consider 80% feel relieved when they see friends posting photos of wild, liquor-infused evenings.

Moral of the story: if you're 36, the clock is ticking.

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