You never know when a sword fight might break out. So, it’s best to be prepared. 

I live in Wichita Falls. A couple of times when I went to Lucy Park for a round of disc golf, there was a group of people dressed in armor, brandishing medieval weapons. 

I didn’t stop and stare, but I did find it interesting. I later asked a friend of mine who is into going to medieval festivals about it, and he told me there were groups all over the country that would gather and reenact medieval battles (minus the actual violence, of course).

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I remember thinking that while it wasn’t my cup of tea, I bet it is a lot of fun for the people who are into it. 

You would figure the weapons and attire must be bought on websites specializing in that sort of thing. A quick Google search revealed there are also brick-and-mortar shops dedicated to medieval clothing and weapons. 

But I never would have guessed in a hundred years that you could grab an actual sword at your local Home Depot. When you search their website, you’ll see that the sword is categorized as “wall decor.” 

However, as you can see in the below video, that sword is for real. Sure, you can put it on your wall. Or you can go full-blown HIghlander and battle your enemies with it.


The choice is yours.

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