On Tuesday (Oct. 8), Tip unveiled the top 50 rappers list he made with others on his expediTIously podcast. Nicki Minaj and Lil' Kim both made the cut. Peep it for yourself below.


T.I. doesn't think there's room for Nicki Minaj on a top 50 greatest rappers list he made with his expediTIously podcast.

In an Oct. 4 episode of his new podcast expediTIously, Tip discusses the making of his own list of the 50 greatest rappers of all time. Midway through the conversation, Tip explains why he wouldn't place Nicki Minaj on his list. The rapper and podcast host, who dropped his Dime Trap album last year, salutes her accolades in the game, but he feels that he would place Lil Kim on his list before Nicki.

"It's between Lil' Kim and Nicki [Minaj]," Tip says. "I don't think we can have both because they are a direct reflection of one another." After someone said that Nicki wouldn't be where she is today without Lil Kim, T.I. agreed. "She [Nicki] is one of the biggest-selling artists of all time and I salute that. Impact, impact, impact."

After their intense deliberation, T.I. and his crew made their decision. "Alright, so, this is what we will be doing, for the slot after Bun B, we have Lil Kim or Nicki Minaj," Tip proclaimed. "All in favor of Lil Kim? Alright, well, this is unanimous. The entire table voted for Lil Kim. Let her have the slot. The committee has spoken."

Tip and company's final decision reflects their own opinions, but it doesn't seem like the Georgia rapper's Trap Music Museum is on the same page. On Aug. 7, the Trap Music Museum posted a Top 50 rappers ever list on Instagram, and neither Kim nor Nicki's names are listed.

Check out the clip of T.I. talking about the making of his top 50 greatest rapper's list below.

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